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Beware Ready Made Niche Websites

I frequently get emails and mail offering to make me rich; if I just purchase their website package; which is all set up ready to go, and just waiting to make me oodles of cash.

I can even choose whether I want to base my new Internet Empire on

  • Porn
  • Gambling
  • Supplements
  • etc

And some even want to give me multiple empires, all for the same price… What a bargain!

If It Sounds Too Good To be True..

You’re familiar I’m sure with the saying ..If It Sounds Too Good To be True..It probably is.

What usually on offer is a site template full of affiliate links and google adense code, and all you need to do is buy it and the visitors will be there in droves buying stuff and clicking on the adsense ads making you rich.

Of course they fail to mention how you will get the visitors in the first place.

These make money type website are almost always a scam. However, there are several different types of ready made or turnkey websites available, and it is important to be aware of the difference before you commit yourself or reject them outright.

I divide them up into three distinct types:-

  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Affiliate program extensions
  • Speciality sites.

Get Rich Quick  Ready Made  Websites.

These are always in the form of paid websites. Common themes are porn, gambling, making money online. They tend to be made for Adsense sites, and affiliate websites, and typically provide the website and content in the form of articles and reviews.

These sites have very little chance of long term success and should be avoided. Generally if the promotion of the site emphasises how easy it is to make money with the sites then they are usually the get rich quick variety.

These type of sites are to be avoided!!!

Franchise and Affiliate Program Extensions

Many franchisees  provide a website/website template which is 99% percent complete and all you need to do is to add your own personal details.

Although your site is identical to other franchise site owners it usually isn’t a problem as you will be targeting different geographic areas.

Some companies in an effort to help their affiliates even more provide the affiliates with a website of their own.

These type of sites are usually best suited for products that have a geographic constraint and require interaction between prospective buyer and seller.

These can often be very difficult to distinguish from get rich quick schemes.

Speciality Turnkey Websites

Speciality website are offered in areas like weddings, dentists, real-estate etc.

Take for example real-estate sites.

Now everyone knows it is possible to make money in real-estate. If you are a broker and want a website as a sales aid you could either do it yourself, get one made, or get a turnkey/ready made site.

In this case the ready made/turnkey website would provide you with the main outline and you would supply all the content.

Many professions  like doctors, dentists, agents, consultants, restaurants, hotels etc lend themselves to this type of website, because they all have very similar needs.

If you are using WordPress (recommended) then there are many different themes/plugins which effectively turn WordPress into a ready made website focused on a specific industry/profession.

Deciding Between Good and Bad templates!

So how do you tell a good ready made site from a bad one?

Well as a general rule of thumb the more complete the site is then the more likely it is to be a scam.

By complete I mean does it include the site content, as well as the site template? If so then I would keep clear of it.

If the main selling point of the template is the amount of money you will make then it is almost certainly a scam.

After all if you had a website that made you $1000 a day for 10 minutes work would you..

  • Sell it for $100?
  • Sell it for $500?
  • Keep your mouth shut and pocket the cash?