Building Your Website

Although there are many options on how to build and host your website I am only going to consider WordPress and Site Build-it (SBI).

Both of which I use and am very familiar with. This site uses WordPress.

Why WordPress and/or SBI

Both are content management systems that make creating web pages much simpler by separating the actual page content from the page/site design.

They also enable you to create web pages without the need of a web page/site editor like Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc.

Both solutions (IMO) are ideal for creating professional websites without requiring that you master complex webmaster skills like advanced scripting, web design etc.

Even though they make building a site are much easier you will still be required to grasp some basics skills; like having a basic knowledge of HTML, site layout etc.

However you can learn these things after you have your site running as opposed to before.

They will both allow you to get a site online quickly and easily, and later you can develop your web skills and make modifications.

WordPress or SBI

I wouldn’t recommend that you make your choice just yet but first take a quick look at both solutions.

However I generally advise that if you have limited technical knowledge and want to learn the minimum to get your site working then choose SBI.

However my Preferred choice however is WordPress and I use it to build almost all of my new sites. I have another site dedicated to Building websites with WordPress .

Sitesell have realised that many people prefer WordPress site building over the SBI site builder and now provide a WordPress plugin called bizxpress that brings the power of SBI (brainstormer tools,Action Guide,forums etc) to WordPress.

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Building Your Website
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4 thoughts on “Building Your Website

  1. RG

    I agree that both platforms have their advantages. I started out with SBI and prefer its easier technical operation for authority sites. However, I am just getting a handle on WordPress and prefer it for smaller sites that are not high maintenance. Check out my SBI site at Backpack Guide.

  2. Jason B

    Started out with SBI and still own a couple of SBI sites but once I had tried WordPress I decided not to use SBI anymore. Well, not for new sites. WordPress is so much more user friendly and if I look at the sneak peek video even the new SBI sitebuilder looks clunky compared to WordPress.

    SiteSell say on their WordPress vs SBI webpage that WordPress is a blog tool and not comparable with SBI but that’s simply not true. You can build an entire content site with WordPress with a structure identical to an SBI site and enjoy even more flexibility at just one third of the price (hosting included).

    It takes too much work to transfer an existing content site from one platform to another. Otherwise I would leave SBI.

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