How To Build a Niche Website

Niche websites are typically small websites (usually less than 50 pages) clearly focused on a area of a particular market.

Why Niche Web Sites?

There are millions of websites already on the Internet and there are thousands more being added every day.

Those millions of sites and pages are your potential competition….
unless you specialise.

Niche web sites let you offer your target niche market a product or service that they can’t get from a larger more established supplier.

Be a Laser Beam not a Flash light!

….Don’t build a website and try to please everyone!

Instead.. build your website to try and please your chosen niche marketĀ and forget the rest.

The key to a profitable niche website – is focus. You have to focus your entire website/business around a single market, product or service.

In the preface to his investment book Jim Slater writes:

niche quote

Starting and Building a Niche Website – Mini Course for Beginners

To get you started I have put together a short mini course that takes you through the process step by step. From choosing your niche to making money from the site


Seeing what other people have created is a good way of getting ideas and inspired. In example niche sites I list some of the niche sites I have found as well as case studies.


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How To Build a Niche Website
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